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Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC does not hire employees and does not contract to individuals or companies that are comprised of only a single individual or two.

Before Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC will consider doing business with any company, it must first provide Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC evidence that it satisfies our five (5) primary requirements. 

1st - Provide evidence showing when your company actually formed and that it has been in business for at least one year prior to contacting Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC to perform contracted auditing services.

2nd - Provide evidence showing that your company is currently owned and operated by at least three (3) individuals that are paid directly under your company and not as subcontractors or casual labor.

3rd - Provide at least three (3) referrals that will confirm that your company currently is and has been historically doing business with other companies similar to Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC for more than one year.

4th - Provide a certificate of insurance confirming than your company has insurance coverage for the following:

· Workers Compensation

· General Liability $1,000,000

· Hired Non Owned Auto Coverage $1,000,000

5th - Provide evidence that your company publicly advertises to the general market place via a website.

Only after a company satisfies all of Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC’s five (5) primary requirements listed above, will Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC be willing to discuss the possibility of establishing a contracted relationship with that company.

Please do not contact Interstate Premium Auditing, LLC to perform contracted services unless you believe that your company can satisfy all of our primary requirements listed above.